1.)If the insurance company's estimate is lower than that of your choice of shops, you must pay the difference?

2.)Once an insurance company issues a check, are you responsible for any additional charges?

3.)Will I be forced to use the repair shop with the lowest bid?

4.)Once a car has been in an accident, will it ever be the same?

1.)According to state law, your insurance carrer must negotiate in good faith with your choice of shop to arrive at an agreed price for repairs. Finesse will never charge an amount higher than that paid by an insurance company for the repair of damage attributable to a specific claim.

2.)Any estimate is just that- an estimate. An appraiser can only report visible damage. When additional damage becomes evident as the repair progresses, a claim can be reopened and a supplemental payment issued.

3.)The repair facility which writes the lowest estimate is not necessarily the best place to have your car repaired. As is often the case with goods and service, one gets what one pays for. Remember, the choice of shops is entirely up to you.

4.)A collision brings about many changes to an auto. It is the role of the collision repair technician to restore the safety, function and appearance of your car to pre-accident condition. Using the latest in repair technology and original parts, your car is structurally rebuilt to its factory dimensions and tolerances. Then it is refinished using the finest Spies Hecker urethane paints which, in many cases, will actually surpass the original finish insofar as corrosion protection and gloss retention. We guarantee it.